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PO Box 6049, Chapel Street North LPO
South Yarra, Victoria, 3141

1300 373 040

Architecture and Interior design firm specialising in lifestyle design including restaurants, retail, houses.

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We specialise in well-considered hospitality designs that facilitate interaction, relaxation and enjoyment. See our latest projects in Melbourne and Adelaide.


Restaurants, cafes, casual dining, eateries, bars


The cafe where you grab your coffee first thing every morning. The eatery down the road where you go for relaxed family dinners on Fridays. The cosy bar where you catch up for drinks with friends.

We create everyday hospitality spaces that become intricately woven into the fabric of their surrounding community. Places that enable effortless interaction, relaxation and enjoyment.

Our well-considered hospitality designs are not just aesthetic but stem from insight, knowledge and a deep understanding of the hospitality industry. When we design a space, we consider both materials and user experience, looking for ways to create areas that people can take ownership of.  

Looking to public places and other successful businesses, we draw inspiration from how people interact with and use these spaces. Successfully integrating work systems and customer flow is key, recognising that every little thing is important, from when the customer walks in until they leave. Our spaces are simple and authentic, yet still leave room for self-expression. With Eon Design, going to a café becomes more than just buying a coffee or eating lunch – it becomes a place of enjoyment, wellbeing and community.