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PO Box 6049, Chapel Street North LPO
South Yarra, Victoria, 3141

1300 373 040

Architecture and Interior design firm specialising in lifestyle design including restaurants, retail, houses.


Eon Design

We specialise in architecture and interior design services within the hospitality and food retail sectors in Melbourne and Adelaide.


We Create Places Your Customers Want To Visit Every Day


Hello, We are Eon Design - architects and hospitality experts who design beautiful restaurants, cafes and food + drink retail environments for thriving communities of customers who keep coming back.

Cheeky Monkey - Richmond, Victoria

Cheeky Monkey - Richmond, Victoria


Our Focus

We specialise in the design of hospitality spaces and food + drink retail environments. Our designs enable people to live, socialise and enjoy – and businesses to thrive in the process.

We work with experienced restaurateurs, cafe operators and food retailers. They are small businesses - people on the ground, interacting day-in day-out with their customers. They understand the needs, wants and habits of their customers and the value of exceptional customer experience.

Roasting Warehouse - North Melbourne, Victoria

Roasting Warehouse - North Melbourne, Victoria


Our Expertise

We have completed 100+ hospitality and food retail projects and have become experts in customer experience.



Restaurants - Cafes - Casual Dining - Eateries - Bars


Our well-considered hospitality designs are not just aesthetic but stem from insight, knowledge and a deep understanding of the hospitality industry. When we design a space, first and foremost we consider user experience, looking for ways to create areas that people can take ownership of.  

We draw inspiration from how people interact with and use different spaces. Successfully integrating work systems and customer flow is key, recognising that every little thing is important, from when the customer walks in until they leave.

Our spaces are simple and authentic, yet still leave room for self-expression. With Eon Design, going to a café becomes more than just buying a coffee or eating lunch – it becomes a place of enjoyment, wellbeing and community.



Boutique Grocers - Coffee Roasting - Food on the Go - Gelaterias


When creating food retail designs, we look for innovative ways to showcase your product and add value to your brand. Stimulating inspiration and intrigue, we draw people in off the street and engage them in vibrant, inviting spaces that facilitate real community and connection.

Every little thing is important, from when the customer walks in until they leave. With Eon Design, going shopping is personal and pleasurable – an experience that feels both comforting and exciting.

Augustus Gelatery - Pascoe Vale, Victoria

Augustus Gelatery - Pascoe Vale, Victoria


Our Approach


We have worked with many successful hospitality and food retail businesses in our 18 years of practice, and have distilled our process down to four simple steps.


Customer Identity

Your business isn’t for everybody so we’ll work with you to identify your ideal clients, their design preferences and habits.

Location + Offering

What are you serving? What is the character of the neighbourhood your business is in? What are your competitors doing? We’ll run through an analysis of what you offer your customers to figure out the ideal starting point for your design.

Operational Processes

We’ll map out what happens from the moment your customer walks through the door, enjoys their meal, pays the bill and then leaves.

Design + Implementation

We’ll bring all of this together in a contemporary, innovative, beautiful and comfortable design that people will be excited to come back to.